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Confernece key Dates

AL "Arda"

Al "Arda" is seafolk or as a heritage Kuwaiti dance other than "Lewa-Tanbora.." where men who use to go for Pearl diving for months were amuse themselves in the long hot days by dancing on the deck..
"Al arda" is a dance that shows the victory & happiness of success.. Now men dance it usually at weddings..The clip shows students of Kuwait Center for Autism dancing with TV group choir.

World Autism Congress 2014



International Autism Congress 2014 in state of kuwait (Middle East)

Presented by

World Autism Organization & Kuwait Center For Autism

with the Prior Experience of holding 2 international conferences on Autism & Attention Deficit Disorders and 1 International symposium in Kuwait & with strong support of the ministry of Kuwait, many companies and generous locals, Kuwait center for Autism will be hosting the International Autism Congress 2014 in Kuwait.